ESL The Silent Period

It’s important for educators, parents and students are aware of this stage in ELL’s acquisition of English.

The Silent Period


beauty and the beast

ive had a long cool down.
lonely but not alone with you around.
out of the habit of loving you
like ive always wanted to.
not sure when i gave up, just kept you in a box
never to be opened up, i kept you on lock.
sometimes peeking with hope in my heart,
only to be bitten by your intemperate maw.
you were insecure, anxious, afraid and unpredictable,
i was passive, accommodating, patient and faithful.
everything that i am crushed under this weight,
buried down deep in the waste of your wake.
you were a beast, could i be the beauty?
surely i am flawed, building walls for security.
but its not your fault entirely, we’ve identified the imbalance.
prognosis and remedy giving you this last chance.





give and take

we were a beautiful anomaly,
who can understand it?
imperfect keys in harmony,
how could He have planned this?
he gives and takes away.
well, how about the pain?
yet i have not grown to disdain
the sovereign in your reign
but if this be inspiration
that propels my sanctification
then without resignation
to your providence
i prostrate my inclination


-RIP Dad 2.24.13



bloom where you’re planted.

that’s what he said.

how can a transplant bloom

without a flowerbed?

pick me up and put me down.

see-saw. merry-go-round.

this aint even where i wanna be

who am i? slow down, let me see.

let me breathe.

i need water. i need sun.

pack my things, im on the run.

cant go far, make it quick.

must find peace on this trip.

then im back on the grind,

on this ride that is my life.

everywhere but here

lover, fighter and confident.

where are you when i need and want?

when im everywhere but here.

i give. you take. expecting all.

how could loving make me small?

im everywhere but here.

not you, me. delusional and naive

who am i to want and need?

who am i to get what i give?

i too need love to live.

i need someone to probe and pry,

need a shoulder to lean and cry.

but im everywhere but here.

spread so thin

cant tell out from in

everywhere but here.

I Passed!!!

Yes, the storm is over now! Now you may be wondering, why did you make such a big deal about this test.  Well excuse me Dr. Skeptical, but I haven’t taken a history course in over 10 years. Now if you tested me on changing diapers, breastfeeding, potty training, homeschooling, or even Zumba I would pass without breaking a sweat.  This however, was not that simple.  The NES History Exam is no joke.  I purchased the $50 practice test which was invaluable because it showed me my weak areas (I was weak all over).  I have to give mad props to Khan Academy.  I completed about 75% of their lessons and quizzes which reduced my anxiety levels significantly and I do not think I would have passed with out it.  Also, I purchased NES History Secrets Study Guide: NES Test Review for the National Evaluation Series Tests (Mometrix Secrets Study Guides)

Schools of Thought

The course I’m taking right now reviews the three school of thought for student learning.  Cognitive, Humanistic, and Behavioral. I have to say, I fall into all three.

My passion is for teaching History.  I hate that in my formative years and throughout college I have had only TWO amazing history teachers.  Everyone else was either okay or boring AF.

Image result for history boring

Why? Why would a teacher do that to a student?  History is amazing.  History explains why things are the way they are.

Image result for history boring

So is Mr. Chesterton saying the students or the teachers are causing utter universal boredom? I’m not sure what happens to teachers that kills their passion of the content, but I am not going to let that happen.  And I sure wont be boring children to death with facts and terms.

School in the Snow

“School in the Snow”

It’s been a while since I’ve been a working professional. Now that I’m slowing getting back in the groove, I’m now trying to navigate business casual attire during these cold winter months. Since I can’t bring myself to dress casually like most teachers, here are some things I have =

1) Shoes in your bag: Wear your boots to and from the classroom, but have your dress shoes in your bag or at your desk.

2) Wear a dress or skirt with tights if you want to rock your fave dress boots.

3) Layer up: It’s tempting to rock a hoodie on cold days. RESIST and layer up with a sleeveless shirt, cardigan or sweater, scarf and your coat. Gloves and hats are also a must-have.

christmas scram to cram


Last week I was very discouraged. I decided to just go for it. If I fall or fail, I will get back up and try again until I reach my goal. With that said, I have just registered to take the NES History Exam. I have four weeks to study, and I am pretty sure I’m going to fail.

I have not taken a history course in over 10 YEARS!

I keep asking myself why I chose to do this. I bought a $50 study guide so we will see. I am afraid of the written portion, what if the topic is something I have very little knowledge of? Let the crunch time begin. Of course, I would be trying to study during the holidays right? Christmas should totally be stress-free.

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